Commissions & Fees

Being TruBid's business model is based on high volume we are able to keep our sales commissions far below the industry standards that typically run between 10 and 15 percent.  In addition, since TruBid's services are primarily focused on meeting the needs of the buyer, sellers are charged a smaller amount just enough to cover our basic administrative expenses.

 Commission / Fee Type  Buyer   Seller 
 Sales commission ($5 minimum) * 3.00% 1.30%
 Credit card surcharge (for credit card payments) 3.00% ---
 Sale transaction fee ** $3 $3
 Tru-Weight Guarantee reimbursment fee $30 ---
 10% Weight Guarantee reimbursment fee --- $30

  * For buyers commission is calculated based on total purchase price plus, sales tax, and fees
** Multiple purchases can be made under one transaction for buyer