Selling Overview

TruBid offers sellers the ability to sell their forage products quickly from the comfort of their own home while getting the highest market prices for a low commission fee .  Our simple streamlined posting system prompts you for all the information potential buyers may be looking for and compiles it for simple, easy searching and viewing.


Effective Marketing

The key to getting the highest market prices and selling your products quickly is effective marketing.  With effective marketing can expect to get an additional 10 to 25 percent or more for your forage depending on the type, quality and market demand.  We prompt you for all the information needed on the product you want to sell and then market it for you by presenting it to potential buyers in a visually attractive way that will be most helpful for potential buyers to find and make a decision on.  TruBid markets and reaches out to a wide range of animal customers such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, alpacas, deer, and other small animals.


"With effective marketing you can expect to get an additional 10 to 25 percent more for your forage depending on the type, quality and market demand"

Versatile Listing Options

TruBid offers a couple different ways to sell your product depending on your product, the current demand or your motivation to sell.

  • Sell by Auction – Selling through our weekly auctions allows sellers to take advantage of high demand or move products quickly when needed.  No need to load your bales and haul them all the way to a hay auction when you can sell them for more without leaving your place for a significantly lower commission.
  • Sell by General Listing – Sellers using the TruBid Hay Exchange general listing are able to keep their products listed until they are sold.  Sellers are able to price their products based on different volumes, change pricing, and move items to an auction at any time.  Quantities are automatically updated as product is sold or moved to auction.

Guaranteed Payment

No more wondering when, or if, you are going to be paid.  By selling through TruBid you are not only guaranteed to be paid, but paid promptly or we will waive our commission fee if payment is not recieved within our stated time frame.   Sellers can choose receive payments either by automatic bank deposit to your savings or checking account, or by mailed check.