Get Listed as a Hauler

There is a wide spectrum of hauling needs out there. They range from delivering a small load of small squares to a semi load of rounds, and from delivering a few miles away to  several states away.  By posting your profile on TruBid forage buyers  in your vicinity looking for a hauler will be able to find you when doing a Find a Hauler search. 

NOTE:  There is an especially high need for hauling small squares due to the extra work of handling and tying down the bales.

Listing yourself as a hauler on TruBid is FREE.  We may, however, this may come with a fee in the future as we add additional options for haulers.

To be listed as a hauler you will need to login or create an account and then fill out your Hauler Profile under Account Settings.  You will be prompted for the info below.

  • Contact info
  • Maximum distance willing to haul
  • Types of bales willing/able to haul (ie. small squares, big squares, rounds)
  • Maximum hauling capacity
  • Any additional info you may want to share

As noted in our Terms & Conditions, as a hauler you are responsible for meeting any DOT requirements in the state(s) you are hauling.