Tru-Weight Guarantee

When a seller offers a Tru-Weight Guarantee, they are guaranteeing the weights of the bales are within 10% of the estimated weight provided in their listing.  Buyers have the option to have the bales weighed when they are picked up, or delivered.

If the total actual weight is more than 10% shy of the total estimated weight provided in the listing, the seller agrees to reimburse the buyer for the following additional expenses incurred as a result of the bales being under weight.

  • Sale price (overage)
  • Buyers premium fee (overage)
  • Sales tax (overage)
  • Scale fees

Reimbursement Terms & Process

  1. Weigh Bales - Bales will need to be weighed at a certified scale unless another arrangement is agreed upon by Seller.  Both an empty and loaded scale tickets will be needed.  Empty and loaded scale tickets must be time stamped within 4 hours of each other.  The difference between the empty and loaded weights will be the Total Actual Weight.
  2. Determine Weight Difference - Eligibility for reimbursement can be determined by using our Tru-Weight Reimbursment Form.  Just plug in your empty and loaded weights from your scale tickets along with the number bales and Estimated Bale Weight from your invoice, and it will calculate the Percentage Weight Difference.
  3. Submit Tru-Weight Reimbursement Form - If the Percentage Weight Difference is more than 10 percent shy of the Total Estimated Weight you will be eligible for a reimbursement from the seller.  Just fill out the rest of the form and upload your scale tickets and scale fee receipt.  Forms must be submitted within 3 days of your forage being picked up.
  4. Form Reviewal - After receiving your Tru-Weight Reimbursement form TruBid will review it and email your reimbursement request to the seller.
  5. Seller Reimbursement - Sellers are expected to reimburse the buyer within __ days of receiving their reimbursement request.  If you do not receive a reimbursement from the seller within __ days of submitting your reimbursement request, please "submit an issue" from our Customer Support Center page and our Customer Support team will follow up with the seller.  If the seller remains unresponsive, they may be blocked from selling on TruBid in the future.  TruBid is not financially responsible for unfullfilled reimbursement requests.

Tru-Weight Reimbursment Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't receive reimbursement check from the seller?
See explanation in #5 above.

How do I find a certified weigh station?
Certified weigh stations can usually be found by doing a Google search for the following:

Where do I find my invoice?
You will need your invoice in order to fill out the Tru-Weight Reimbursment Form.  Invoices can be found under your My Purchases from your My TruBid page.

How much does it cost to weigh-in at a weigh station?
Prices will vary.  The cost to weigh in at a CAT Scale runs around $12 for the first weigh-in and $2.50 for the second.